Hello world!

Hi – My name is Lisa. I am looking for conversation, inspiration, and ideas.  That is only the type of the tip of the iceberg but it seems like a good place to get started.  I am very interested in books, so if you have read a good lately let me know.  I like documentary films, so I will be reviewing some.  I studied echocardiography – ultrasound of the heart.  I have an interest in science and nature.  I also adore history.    I am reaching out, trying to break my sense of isolation.  This seems self indulgent, but there it is.

I want to discuss the news – I love news from around the world and especially local news – what is going on in your community?  I like politics, but to discuss that there are 3 rules. 1.) No name calling 2.) No profanity 3.) No wild conspiracy theories without some sort of proof.  Not a link to a page where somebody says the same thing.  PROOF.

Over all – no profanity.  I have a niece and nephew and I want them to be able to read this someday without shame.  I know that I will probably be writing to myself, but if you have something to say – please leave a response.  If you want to contribute – let me know.  If something is happening that you think people need to know about – please leave a message.

I am not entirely familiar with blogging, so please have a little patience.

Thank you,



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