Documentary Film

I saw a preview for a new documentary film coming up on Itunes It is another heart wrenching documentary about the war in Afghanistan.  After Restrepo (on Netflix now), I found myself thinking, “I can’t watch another 2 hours of war and pain”.  Then I stopped.  I need to decide who I am.  It takes courage to look into the most difficult parts of life.  Everyone I know would never watch such a documentary.  It wouldn’t even cross their minds.  They don’t want to dwell on it, it is too painful – why subject yourself to that?

Why?  Because soldiers are still there and I don’t want to forget them.  I find myself thinking that there could be a time when that would be me – caught in a war, surrounded by violence.  I am blest.  Outside of the images and words online and on television I have no idea what is going on in the world.  I have an insatiable desire to see and know what is going on in the world.  I also feel that by sharing the story of soldier, it becomes more than just a private experience.  By going through (at least vicariously) his experience  I take a little bit of it with me.  Hopefully that will make me more understanding, more compassionate.

That is probably over thinking things.  Do you watch documentaries?  Do you watch a documentary that you know will be painful to sit through?    Do documentaries make a difference?  What about journalism – how is it different than documentaries?

I always have more questions than answers.  Have a great day.


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