Science and Trust

I have been watching with dismay as science and scientist have been put down, denigrated, and dismissed.  It seemed like something that was only being debated on blogs or in the news.  That was until today, when I had a conversation with nephew who is 6.  We were reading a picture book about jellyfish(my favorite invertebrate) when I mentioned something about scientists studying them.  My nephew leaned over and whispered to me, “you can’ trust scientists”.  He was very serious.  I said why not?  He said, “Because they aren’t Christian.”  I can still feel my heart sinking.  I tried to tell him that some scientists were Christians, but his attention was already on something else.  The real issue is from his parents, who are great parents.  They have taught their kids that scientists are wrong about evolution and are not Christian, so they can’t be trusted.

I am surrounded by science continually.  The world I live in was created and invented by science and scientists.  If we don’t trust scientists, what does that mean?  Do we not trust our microwaves.  My sister doesn’t.  Do we not trust that our car will start? When my sisters car starts I have heard her attribute that to God.  What about street lights?  All the food we eat that has been modified, packaged, and preserved?  What about light bulbs and radios and computers?

Scientists have been made the scapegoat for the Christian unease with modern culture.  In Christian culture, science seeks to do what only God can do.  Therefore it is evil.  (Via the tower of Babel story).  Scientists are evil and seek to steal God’s power and glory, instead of glorifying God.

My brother-in-law and sister are educated, kind, compassionate people.  They are very good parents.  They pay their taxes, they obey the law.   This break that they have created with science and passed on to their children is utterly baffling to me.  They live in a house of full of gadgets, and then claim scientists can’t be trusted.    The Christian Evangelical Church actively preaches that everything that is man made should be torn down.  The only thing worth preserver is that which glorifies God. . . .That’s it, that’s all.  There is no caveat.  No room for any revelation outside of scripture.

My nephew is going to miss so much of this world, of this life if he categorizes everything as either evil or good (Godly).  What happens when he has to make a decision and he believes the answer associated with science is untrustworthy?


2 thoughts on “Science and Trust

  1. Meanwhile, children in the U.S. continue to fall behind their Chinese and European counterparts in math and the sciences. I believe the christian bible mentions something about reaping what one sows…

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