What’s going on in space?

Its seems as if new discoveries about space and physics are arriving at warp speed.  Recently scientists at CERN, home of the large Hadron Collider have found evidence that neutrinos are traveling faster than the speed of light.  Light speed was supposed to be the fastest that anything in the whole universe could go.  Faster than light speed is like warp speed.  These miniscule particles seem to be arriving faster than light.  Up until now light speed to explain, well everything.  It will be interesting to see what happens next.  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-15017484


Also interesting is that our solar system may have more planets and possibly another sun.  In the outer part of the our solar system there is a bunch of icy bodies called the Oort Cloud.  Some of the observations from long range telescopes suggest that this Oort cloud is being affected by more than just the gravity of the sun.  There may be lurking in this cloud another planet dubbed Tyche, or even another sun which has been called Nemesis.  Very menacing sounding.  In the last decade as more and more information is collected from the outer edges of our solar system, it seems that we know less than we thought about our solar neighborhood.  http://www.space.com/8028-sun-nemesis-pelted-earth-comets-study-suggests.html

Also in space a satellite is falling to earth.  Still no word on where it will land. NASA’s website if very reassuring, saying that the chance of it landing on you is in the trillions to one.  Also it is not radioactive (yeah!), which means that all those who are thinking about launching nuclear reactors in space to power things may want to rethink that.  No on wants a nuclear reactor from space landing in their backyard.   http://www.nasa.gov/

Happy Equinox!








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