Women Get the Right to Vote – finally

I have once again taken for granted all that I have.  I am priveleged to live in the United States.  I read the story about women being give the right to vote in Saudi Arabia and my first thought was “What’s the matter with those people?  Of course women can vote, hold office, drive a car,  and decide who to marry!”  I had to stop myself then.

It took me a few minutes, and some mental wrangling to find the imagination to understand maybe in the tiniest fraction of a way what women live through in Saudi Arabia.  I closed my eyes and let myself feel a veil covering me and imagined the heat of the desert under the veil.  Think for a moment about your entirely life being governed by someone else.  You don’t think it is wrong, because it all that you have known.

My vision into this culture is very limited.  I read everything I can.  Look at every picture that is out there.   Watch documentaries (thanks PBS!).  Still I am limited.  And so I will try and be happy that women can vote in Saudi Arabia.  I will try to not let my anger and frustration overpower the real meaningful victory that happened there.

I get caught up measuring progress only by what is around me in the US.   The measuring stick is much much longer when the world is taken into account.  I hope in the vaguest way I am making as much progress as the women in Saudi Arabia.



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