A Message in a Bottle


There is a wonderful story on the BBC about a man who sends messages in a bottle.  He has sent thousands out, and received thousands back.  Living on an island off Canada, if feel his isolation.  I also see the joy he gets out of receiving replies.  In this way he is connected with other people.  The slenderest of threads bring stories and a little part of people’s lives to him.

The internet is like that.  It is like an electronic ocean.  All the bloggers and writers are standing on a shore casting out bottles into the ocean, hoping to connect with someone.   Even through this impersonal medium we seek connections with real people, to know them and understand.   People having been sending out messages in bottles, books, art, telegraphs, emails and letters forever. The desire to carve something into stone for someone else to see was perhaps the first attempt to connect to others.  How far we have come, and yet we still do the same thing and follow the same impulse.



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