What is Dominionism?

I have been reading alot about dominionism and the evangelical christian church.  It is very complicated because it is not a unified movement with a written theology.  However in a nutshell this is what dominionist want:

Now what do you do? What do all of us do? We get ready to takedominion! We get ready to take dominion! It is all going to be ours–I’m talking about all of it. Everything that you would say is a good part of the secular world. Every means of communication, the news, the television, the radio, the cinema, the arts, the government, the finance–it’s going to be ours! God’s going to give it to His people. We should prepare to reign and rule with Jesus Christ. (Dager, p. 95)[emphasis added]

This is Pat Robertson speaking in 1984 quoted in the book Vengeance Is Ours: The Church In Dominion (Sword, 1990).  He recently denied knowing what dominionism was.   If you lie can you still be a spokesperson for christians?  Apparently.   He does not speak for me.




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