Protecting Children

I saw on the local news today a story about several cases where children had been abused and died this year.  In one instance the boyfriend of the mother killed the child.  He had a criminal record of violence.  In another instance a babysitter killed a child –  she also had a criminal record.  Over and over children are killed by boyfriends, babysitters, and Pitbulls.  So much of this could be prevented.

I wish that someone would sit down with all new mothers in the hospital after the baby is born and say, “Your number job is the protect this child.  No one else can do that as well as you can and no one is going to do it for you.  Every decision you make concerning your child should include that thought “Is there anything in this decisions, this situation that could cause harm to my child?”

It seems so simple to me.  A person loves pitbulls, they think that pitbulls have a bed reputation because people don’t know that is the owner who makes the dogs mean.  They aren’t mean on their own.  In the last year I have only heard 1 news story where a dog killed someone and wasn’t a pitbull.  Only 1.

It is unfortunately the same with adults.  They have a boyfriend with a history of criminal violence.  He’s changed, he would never harm their children.  It wasn’t his fault.  He was actually innocent.

I want this to stop.  This is enough.   I know that some children are harmed through no fault of the parents.  There are parents who do everything to protect their children and yet they still are involved in an accident or someone hurts them.  I get that.  What makes me angry that there is enough danger in this world, why would a parent bring any of that into their house with their child?

It is a willfull ignorance that causes parents to have pitbulls in their houses, or have a boyfriend who moves in and has a history of criminal violence, or does drugs.  Enough.  Make a choice – if there is a small chance, itty bitty, that children are being put in danger then get rid of the pitbull.  If there is a slight chance that someone who in the past has hurt people might hurt your children – don’t let him in the house.  I get it – you want a boy friend, your dogs never hurt anyone before and their such nice dogs.  That is not good enough for your children.  It’s just not.


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