Wheat Field

The plowed field
Spread out like
A bed spread of
Alternating colors
Tan and gold undulating
Under my body
Conforming to every
The sun beats down
On tan and gold earth
And body rolling fields
The wheat grows up
Soft terry cloth
Under my body
Caressing and carrying me
As I stretch languidly
In the summer sun
A hawk lights softly
On my cheek
Talons so sharp
Without a scratch he lifts
Into the sky
As summer bees
Play about my hair
And wheat
In balmy air
And then the harvest
With clouds of dust
And forceful machines
Moving across undulating
Fields up and down they come
Leaving stubble
That reaches every itch
In every curve that
Settles in the flowing
Fields like cold air
Coming with shorter days
Cool rains
Wash away autumnal dust
I am covered with a white blanket
Blunting the rolling
Of the hills tucked closed
Warm and waiting
For heat that rolls
Back the white blanket
From my sleeping curves
Ready for the plow to reveal
Dark rich earth beneath
Dark as rum
Dark as chocolate
Dark as my hair
Spread on the ground
Waiting for the seed
To be spread
Waiting for the wheat
To grow


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