No News

Where do the tired go
As information
Endlessly endlessly
As dams of burst
Holding torrents of words
Flood the consciousness
Murder, lies, conspiracy,
Hate, predjudice, election
War, starvation
All the human misery
Mixed with
Discovery, hope, rescue,
Lower prices, growth, birth
Moving so fast
Like the mud flow
The follows the eruption
Statistics war with facts
Confused with personal accounts
Mired in opinion
Weary are we as we grasp desperately
For some truth
For a voice shouting from the wilderness
When there was paper we
Could cut and assemble
Store and follow
The invisible hand of digital
Promises the same
It is gone like wind
And we vainly struggle after
Forced to print
Once a few voices
Strong and steady reigned supreme
Now a chorus shouts
Taking no lessons from the Greeks
Only chaos reigns
We are weary


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