Summer Day

When I walk on the street
With its hard concrete
Waves of heat coming
Through the soles of my feet
The buildings are grey
And brown
The people move slowly down
The street not looking around
A wisp of air
Teases my hair
A memory is there
Catch it before it goes
I’ve got it the flame begins to grow
I see cool from summer heat
Cool in a hard seat
Listening to words that are dull
But then I feel the pull
Starlight faster than sound
Faster than superman can bound
Trajectory higher than can be found
On the street here in this town
Magic as Newton tells us it pulls down
We fall forever through stars
Not up or down but with
What gives it this lift
The stars are exploding
Galaxies colliding black holes imploding
In the midst of cosmic destruction
We continue our routine and function
The sun with mass we cannot comprehend
Causes this sweat to wend
Its way down my neck to my chest
As I travel on the street
And feel the hot concrete
Come up through the soles of my feet


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