On the shore
Every curve
Every outcrop
Every inlet
Was known
These familiar shores
Bulwark against
That far horizon
Unknown line
That rests familiarly
Against eyes stung by wind
Restless tides likes
Swinging hammocks
The water rushes back
And forth over the rocks and sand
Back and forth
Back and forth
Coming in and leaving
Going out and taking
Grain by grain the shore
Changed out from under my feet
The hills shift
Curves pulled inexorably
Like liquid drawn to liquid
Away to a new life
Left to walk on a shore
no longer known
no bulwark against
the unknown
restless tides roil
furiously like waves
against the side
of a ship asleep
in the hammocks beneath
direction uknown
weather unknown
back and forth
back and forth
swinging into the unknown horizon
familiar shores long lost memories
sucked away by wind and tide


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