Advice from Sisyphus

I went in search

Of Sisyphus

Because I knew

It couldn’t be true

The absurdity of it

Would be made clear

By the late time king

Caught in his own

Ludicrous purgatory

In the depths of the

Underworld which

Surely shouldn’t exist

He works and pushes

And strains

The rock inching up

I step back into shadow

Watching his muscles

Strain as streams of pebbles

Cascade down the hill

Foreshadowing the eventuality

Of his work

“Sisyphus,” I whisper

Creeping up

He turns neither right

Or left

Again I call,


He does not halt

But merely grunts

I climb beside him him

I lay out my case

Surely he subjects himself

To this never ending torture

Out guilt

He could leave any time

Or perhaps he wasn’t strong


And his strength failed

And he let of his rock

“Surely,” I proclaimed,

“If you performed the task

Perfectly, then it would be

Completed and you would

Be free.”

We reached for the top

And for a moment

Stood still

And then the rock

Inevitable, irreversibly

Began its downward


As I watched the rock

Spiral uncontrollably

To its resting place

I looked into his

Aged eyes

Knowing, sinking

Into purgatory

Even when all

Is accounted for

Every step perfected

Every resource expended

Every prayer screamed,

whispered, and sobbed

Every talent strained through

Every fiber that weaves

Through the humanity

That holds our being together

That ship we sought to hold together

Against the sharp reef

That hand held so tightly

To pull to safely

The cancer our hands

Knew how to excise

The argument

That was surely won

All come to pieces





Death follows after

I am left in purgatory

No action to spring into

No mistake to fix

No knowledge to learn

All that I was poured out

At the top of the hill

With a rock at the bottom

The only choice

Begin again

Sisyphus walks

Down the hill


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