A Fairy Tale About Communism

Sitting on the porch one night
Looking at the stars
I told my niece and nephew
A story
Only I knew it was true:
A long time ago
Far in the West
So far that it
Became the East
There was an Iron Curtain
Closing off whole countries
From the rest of the world
They lived in a cold grey place
Where all the buildings looked
The same
And ate food name borscht
And drank drinks that put hair
On your chest
The state
(not the state like Idaho or Illinois,
But a state that runs a whole country
Like the one that works in Washington D.C.)
Owned everything
Yes everything like bakeries
And farms and factories and taxies
People stood in long lines for food
And they were afraid
The state was jealous of the people
The state wouldn’t let them leave
Beyond the iron curtain
Wouldn’t let them talk bad about the state
Tried to stop them from dreaming
Of something better
Made them all join its club
The Communist Party
The state didn’t believe in God
It tried to stop the people from
A miracle happened
Or perhaps it was one
Hundred miracles
Or one hundred or more
Or perhaps the state
Was steamrolled by
No, not really no one
Drove a steam roller
Through their state house
Though that would have
Been cool
The iron curtain fell
People dreamed things
And made them true
They traveled places
Wrote things
And owned things
Like bakeries, and taxies, and farms
And electric companies
I know the story doesn’t seem
Exciting but here is the
Exciting part:
The state had an army and
The army controlled all the bad
Dangerous things like guns, tanks,
And bombs
kept them under
Lock and key because they knew
If these were let loose in the world
Terrible things would happen
So they kept them under lock and
Key until there was a war where they
Were needed
The state owned the electric company
And made sure the army bases
Had electricity to run through
The wires around the base
To run the computers
And monitors and radar
All to make sure no one got
In and nothing got out
Now the electric company was
Owned by a person
Who wanted to make money
By selling electricity
The army was not owned by
A person – who owned the army?
They didn’t know for some time
And there was no state to send
Electricity to the army or give
Them money to pay for
So the electric company
Turned off the power
To the army base
And at night in the dark
Surrounded by guns, tanks,
And Bombs
The general made a decision
He ordered his men
Into their tanks
They drove the tanks to the
Electric company
Surrounded it and pointed
Their main guns at the electric
The man who owned the
Electric company
Understood the message
And he turned back on the electricity
For the military base
In the end the general knew
He had to keep all the guns, tanks, and
Bombs under lock and key
He knew if they were let loose in the
World terrible things would happen


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