Doomed to Repeat

Black man with black skin
No ability for compassion
For black kin
SLAVERY! You shout
Pointing at money given
To help women and children
Your vision ends at the tip
Of your nose
Your history lessons
must have stopped
Sometime after 1950
You forgot or never
Heard about
men and women and children
Torn from homes in Africa
Shackled in the holds of ships
Whipped, starved, ravaged
By illness and disease
Those that died were
The lucky ones
At the moment
Those that live
They were slaves
You don’t even bother
To read the records
Do you deny their existence
You foolish man
You waste your words
You waste our time
Don’t you know about
Your ancestors
Raped by white men
Slave owners
Slaves forced to work
For nothing
Clothing this nation in
Cotton picked in hot fields
While white men smoked
Tobacco black men picked
From white men’s fields
You compare this present
With that past
and your ignorance
becomes a side show
don’t speak anymore
don’t bother the voters
who struggle with real problems
in the real world
with your useless foul vomit
of nonsense


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