Musings On The 2nd Inaugural Adress

God is on my side
So they say
I pray more diligently
God is on my side
The others insist
Fifty years ago or more
Crises occurred
Laws were passed
Speeches made
Marchers marched
Echoes rumbling now
Still they say, “God is on my side!”
They think the echoes
Are God talking
Out of one side
Of his mouth he says
One thing they reply
“We knew it!”
Out of the other side
He says another they shout
They pray with
Already knowing
The answer
They know the
Other side
Worships false gods
Who else but their God
Is the true God?
They all read from
The same book
Pray with the
Same words
Know that God hears
So God must be
On their side
It can never be
About consequences
Of actions
Only about God
Delivering divine judgment
Something breaks
In the brain
To contemplate
God not taking sides
Not giving special favor
If God is not on
Then how do
I know
Why am I
What do I
What happens when
Why did I
A lifetime of questions
Can turn into a pileup
And they’ve got no insurance
If God is not on their side


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