Summer Lament

On a dusty road
In the middle of the country
A mail box
Baked broiled and then
Melted twisted
Out of shaped
The metal ran
Like my heart in
My chest
Pain settled there
Like the heat of the
Summer day
Drought came
To my soul
My heart is melting
Brothers and sisters
Are shot for no reason
Others wade into waters
Never to return
Temples burn where
Worship should be
The heat is melting
All falling to the ground
I lay there weeping
Next to streams
Of rotting fish
We mourn together
In this land as
Parts of it burn down
We mourn as
Those who defended
Our freedom
Wander aimlessly
With no homes
Soldiers take their lives
Abused while serving
I rise to go on
And under my feet
Are unmarked ballots
As democracy is forgotten
Prisoners stored in tents
Swelter in the heat
While children accidentally
Kill their families with guns
And mailboxes melt
And with them my heart


2 thoughts on “Summer Lament

    1. Actually I am taking a break from punctuation – seriously. Only in poetry. I wanted to focus on words. I know it all needs punctuation. All I could focus on was punctuation to the point where I felt that I couldn’t write at all. So I decided to take a break for awhile and I’m able to write again. This piece missed the mark – I’ve been wanting to do a lament for awhile and it came out wrong – sloppy. Things thrown in that deserved their own work, some things with not enough work, wrong words. You get the picture. I am slowly adding back in some punctuation, but I am enjoying the freedom, for now, of writing with out the constraints of punctuation. Also I am terrible at punctuation so I am going back over all my old grammar materials trying to get a handle on it again.

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