College Station

Weapons, like candy,
Rain from the sky
My right to pick one up
You’re right to pick one up
We can all pick one up
They litter the streets
The homes the schools
This is a nation of
Shooting galleries
In schools in theaters
In churches out windows
Are you mad? Have a gun
Are you Angry? Have a gun
Do you want to spit out all
The ones that don’t look like you?
Have a gun, have two, have three
And a grenade and a bullet proof
Vest wouldn’t want to get shot
Wait what about the children
Oh that’s right – we need to
Teach them to shoot
Teach them how to handle
Guns safely wouldn’t want
Them to shoot the wrong
Person accidentally
And don’t forget about
A safe to lock up your guns
While you’re at it
Weapons like candy
Bullets like rice
At a wedding guns
Make such good gifts
Guns don’t kill people
People kill people
Liars liars liars
If we ban guns only criminals
Will have guns
Liars liars liars liars
We have a right to have guns


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