Toil and Trouble

Three witches coalesce
In the darkness while I sleep
From deep shadows grow
Stirring from folds
That in daylight hold
No terror, but in night
Give way to raven wing
And bat eye,
Shrouded shift
Of something old
Trying to bring me
Back into its fold
Three faceless ancient
Ones born from the bard
Take shape round
My waking resting form
From muttering sounds
Comes words I know
Not curses, not spite
But pain – pain they know
Pain they fight
Suffering they summon
Forth ancient wisdom
Pain’s universal complaint
Transcends their spells,
Their herbs, their curses
Drowning out love potions
Cures, and oracle’s insights
Gone are earth’s powers
Sapped by earthly pain
From within bodies earthly
Frame I hear them murmur
My name and fear arises
For I too know this pain
And when I wake darkness
Clings likes ravens claws
While in the silences
I hear on smallest
Breath witches cry
“Pain, Pain – Fly! Fly!”


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