Jungle Dreams

I dream of jungles
Where I’ve never been
My eyes behold
A green heaven
Blue stars peak through
Its canopy like moths
Of light
Breath deep of
This exotic earth
Where untamed
Roots, moss, and
Giants grows
These giants should be
Trees, but trees
Are tame and these
Are wild and alive
In ways no pine ever was
Whole worlds exist
In their canopy
In the rarified air
Where their heaven lives
Colonies of creatures
Both winged and tailed
Keep court
While down below
Thrives every manner
Of scurrying, hurrying
Bug and insect
Some horrifying
Others more suited
To the Louvre
Others a trick of nature
A trick of the eye
Seen only when they want
To be
Like jewels they weave
Their way among leaves
And branches
All essential to this world
There is no stillness in
This place where big
Cats hunt like graceful ballerinas
Through the corps de ballet
Lightly, each foot fall perfect
Making no sound above
The jungle music
That vibrates back lit spider webs
Like the movement of air
From the bright birds wings
And is if falls gracefully to the lower
Branch, calling its arrival
Calling calling me awake
To what I know
Not jungles where I long to go


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