Grief Untitled 4

The knife is sharp
The ingredients arranged
The knob turns easily
And the fire burns
The boil water
The knife barely skins
The surface to peel
Away the skin of fish
A new knife
The scent of herbs
Rosemary, garlic, oregano
Zesting lemon, twisting it
The juice running out
A new knife
Vegetables fall like blocks
Before childish hands
Faster chopping smaller pieces
Water boils furiously
Chopping faster
Pungent onion as eyes water
Peppers, zucchini, potato
It will all come together
It will be perfect
Carrot peeling peeling
The nick is never felt
The orange melds with red
The knife is the perfect tool
Chopping chopping
Faster and faster
Perfect it will be
Faster and faster
The end is coming
Chopping faster
The end
There must be more
The knife sweeps the
Board for more
The red is spreading
There must be more to
The knife embeds in the
It is
The end


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