Let’s Play

Come up take my hand

Let’s be pirates

Our ship of wood will sail

The seven seas

Of atmosphere

While below angels

Tumble through clouds

Like dolphins skimming water

We’ll drop anchor at your

House in time for dinner

Come up take my hand

We are just

In time to change into

Our uniform for the zoo

Where we are the keepers

The lions must be fed

They are roaring

Monkeys dance in delight

As they see us come with

Bananas and fruit

I’ll feed the polar bears

While you swim with


The sun is up and

Here they come

To see the zoo

Time to go

There’s work to do

Come up and take my hand

The bakery needs our help

They have 10 birthday

Cakes to bake

You add flour

I’ll mix

Add chocolate


Here come the cakes

Take the icing and smooth

It out

Make roses

Make horses

Make castles

Make teddy bears

Time to go the cakes are done

There is more to do

I hear the cannon’s firing

On the pirate ship

Shall we sail the seven seas

One more day?


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