So Far

I can feel
My fingertips
Brush the wooden
It rides a sea
Of mourners
Towards final rest
Waves of grief and anger
Propel their loss
So far so far
Here I sit
In black
Black being wrong
Grief misunderstood
Into joyous remembrance
No one cries
There are no
Salty tears
Masks for all
Passed out
When I wasn’t looking
I have credit
For a ticket
Too far away
To the sea of grief
To carry the coffin
To wail
To let tears flow free
Instead of silence
Broken by laughter
Shared happy memory
We’ll go on
Who gets the silver
And where is the piano going
If I lay on the ground
And sob cry wail
Would they cart me away
To padded rooms
Where no one
Could hear?


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