I Open My Eyes

I never saw it
This war
An ocean away
I feel it in every bone
The heat
The dead
I watch
The soldiers
On my screen
I weep
When they die
I watch
The people
Into this
Their will
Weep over
Their dead
Seas of people
Carry coffins
I know
More and more
End their lives
At home
Unable to live
With memories
With choices made
That had no answers
Without death
And blood
That clings and
Won’t wash away
Goes from
Head to toe
My home
Sent these
To their home
Hunting for terrorists
Ghosts hiding in caves
We tore the countries apart
In our grief
We needed
To do this
For buildings
Brought down by
A decade of
Violence and death
And yet
Penance is still
Not paid
Soldiers remain
Ever nerve
In my eye
Can see
The destruction
Of my house
Bullet holes
Walls torn away
Windows in shards
I open my eyes
I have everything
I never saw it


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