Please Read this article in the NY Times

I feel sick about how our country is dealing with Iraq and Afghanistan. Please read this article in the NY times: I wrote my congress person. I told her she was my voice in this country. I begged her to tell the president to do something – even if he had to pay out of his own pocket to move the detainees so they could have a trial or be released. If congress won’t approve money to do it then there is enough people with money in this country that can make it happen. But what is happening now I am ashamed of. I have been grieving since 9/11 and it won’t end. It needs to end. Please email, twitter, call your congress person, your representative – tell them they work for you and you want them to tell the President to be the President and make this stop. This has to stop. I want our country to be better than this. I have nothing but my words right now. If I had money I would use it, if I was a lawyer I would work to help, if I was in congress I would be in front of every TV camera talk to every journalist until I couldn’t talk anymore and then I would start writing. Enough is enough. Please help.


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