A Poem for my Love or a Poor Man’s Love Poor Love Poem

In my feverish thought
I hear your velvet voice
I kiss your face
Your fair skin
When good riddance
Runs through my veins
You are banished
Exploding like infected cells
You infect me
Or was it the air?
This feeling like
My heart would
Explode or implode
I need you
Like a tiger needs meat
You hurt me
Like a tiger rips apart its prey
When this fever breaks
Will I be immune
From your charms
Or need another jab
Because it was pox
Not measles?
No don’t go
Never darken this
Sliding glass door again
Unless you bring
Red bull
Our love will last forever
Then wilt with time
As all such love must
But rise again
As a phoenix
Where we ride
Into the desert


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