Grief untitled 10

A clarification:  This is meant to be about an experience of grief, which can lead to perceptions that are often skewed which is what I am exploring.  I am amazed by the medical professionals who daily pour their hearts out to save people’s lives, and this is not a critique but merely an abstract metaphor.

At first their
Are no signs
No symptoms
Only a few surveyors
They measures
They dig a few holes
Beauty lies
On the surface
Machines come next
Foreign, loud, sharp
They dig through
The surface
They promised they
Would never take off
The whole mountaintop
They lied
Explosions ruin
The landscape forever
It is scraped open
Obscenely revealed
The dig deeper
Determined to get
Every little bit out
Clawing and tearing
Turns into everyday
Routine work
And their waste
Vast lakes of waste
That lay spilled about
Who will clean that up?
They walk away
And leave
No more life
Their job is done


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