The Saga of Dragon Mountain

A New Series about Dragons

Long ago George and Leo
Waved out of a black and white
Silent film “World Famous Mountaineers”
Proclaimed the subtitles
As they smiled out of
Their fur lined jackets.
There was so much fur around
Their faces they
Looked like lions with giant manes
Transplanted to the arctic
Waving out of the
Grainy black and white
Flickering film.

They started their
Ascent on up Dragon Mountain
On a crystal clear day.
Their guide assured
Them of many good omens.
By night fall clouds rolled in
By morning the winds
Began to blow
They persevered
Even when their guide
Turned back.

Soon they were so
High up they could barely
George felt his strength
Waning, while Leo gasped
Through his ice encrusted

The wind was blowing,
Howling, roaring while
Snow was going
Up, down, and sideways

George rammed his pick ax
Into the mountain and
Pulled himself up
Onto a flat surface

He turned and blindly
Reached down yelling
Into the wind,
“Grab my hand Leo!”
His hand found Leo’s
Wrist and he pulled
With the last of strength
Dragging Leo onto the ledge.

They lay there
Panting in the
Thin cold air
The winds died down
To a whisper as the
Clouds parted

George and Leo looked
Up to find themselves
On a snowy plateau.
The sun was blaring off
The white snow nearly
Blinding them.

There in the whiteness
Dancing between snowflakes
Flashes of green, gold, blue
And red
Were spinning, twirling and flying
Through the air

“They have wings!” exclaimed an
Astonished Leo.

A ball of gold careened toward them
Then stopped, hovering on
Tiny wings.

“A dragon” whispered George.

The tiny gold dragon turned its
Head one way, then another
Stretching out its neck.
George slowly held out
His hand toward
The golden creature,
Enchanted by its burnished
Golden scales shimmering
In the cold light.

Suddenly with
A shriek like a hawk
Fire shot out of the
Dragons mouths lighting
George’s glove on fire
And spreading its wings
The golden dragon
Flew back away
While Leo desperately
Threw snow on
George’s glove to put out
The fire.

The golden dragon
Hung in the air
Wings spread

A roar spread
From the surrounding
Mountains echoing and growing

George and Leo could feel
The roar in their bones
Feel them vibrating
From skull to toe.
They watched in horror
As an adjacent cliff
Slid and avalanched down
The mountain side adding
To the roar.

Dropping swiftly out
Of the sun an
Enormous black dragon
Landed with the force
Of an earthquake
In the middle of the plateau.

Wings spread wide
Neck extended
The black dragon
Opened its jaws wide
And roared while
All the baby dragons
Swarmed under its wings

Then with barely
A move the giant
Black dragon was airborne
Followed by sparkle
Rainbow of baby dragons
Shot into the sky
Disappearing into the sun

Leo and George sat
Stunned and then began
To set up camp.
They didn’t speak while they
Put up a tent, built a fire
Or cooked a small meal.

“What shall we say,” Leo
Finally said.
“What shall we not say?” George
They sat in silence under an
Icy moon.
The next day they climbed down
Dragon Mountain.



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