Dragon Graveyard

In the deepest ocean
Near fire heated vents
Lies a great graveyard
Of dragons.
Cathedrals of ribcages
Host congregations of
Bright schools of fish
While skittering crabs
And octopi ooze between
Vertebrae into cavernous
Skull cavities.
One skull lies on its side
The lower jaw ajar
Giant fangs gleaming
Sharp and white
In the dim light
The whole floor
Of the ocean glitters
With scales and giant
Dragon teeth

The water stirs
And slowly
An enormous carcass
Sinks, its green scales
Dulled, no longer brilliant
Its wings slightly spread
Rocking as it sinks
When it hits bottom
Giant clouds of silt
Obscure this giant’s
Last resting place
And all the dragon
Bones rise and dance
Before settling back in
In their graves


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