Dreaming of Dragons

She dreamed about
Dragons at night
Waking up
And running to
The window,
Sure she heard
Wings beating
Only to
Be disappointed
By tree branches

She looked up
Scanning every cloud,
Every star filled night
Looking for dragons
Pouring over the books
Filled with fossils
And aged
Black and white photos

Dragons are shy
The authors said
They live reclusively
Where none dare
To go
Higher up
In mountains
Than could be climbed
By mere mortals

That summer
They went to a party
Where they made lanterns
That floated high in the
Made of paper, string
And a candle
Wafting away until
They melded with the stars

Every night she
She made lanterns
And sent them aloft
She drew pictures
Of herself
And maps to her house
And wrote
“I love you dragons
Please come and visit”

She waited
Launching lanterns
And searched the skies
Listening for wing beats
Looking for dragons

When the weather broke
Into fall
With rain and wind
And school demanded
The lanterns had
To be put away
And she began to
Think about waiting
For something else

In the night when
She cried herself to sleep
Ready to give up on
She heard to the tree branch
She went to the window
Out of habit
And there

Were dragons

In her yard
Black, red, and gold
Iridescent eyes whirling
And intelligence
The red dragon held
Up his paw and held
A lantern

Make a wish
Send a lantern
A bottle in the sea
A poem online
You never know who
Is listening


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