A Christmas Dragon

The yard was
Awe inspiring
Blindingly marvelous
With Christmas
Hung from every
Limb, from every
Bush and shrub
Strung from roof
Top to tree top

“But dad” he protested
“What if a dragon
Flies to low? What
If they get their wings
All tangled in the
Lights?” His concern
Was palpable,
His eyes wide open
As he pointed to
The sky.

His dad knelt down
And said in a serious
“Dragons are like
Dinosaurs son. They
Won’t come around. They
Lived long ago. Don’t worry
About Santa either. The
Lights are there to guide
Him to the chimney. Now
Let’s get some hot cocoa
And get into bed. Christmas
Is coming and you don’t
Want to be
A sleepy head!”

They went inside,
But the boy looked
Back, and he looked
At the sky. He knew
His dad was wrong
About dragons he just
Knew it. He’d read all
The books, the eyewitness
Accounts, he knew they
Were there flying
In the dark night sky.

Poor little boy
Little heart beating
So fast, so strong
He thought his heart
Was beating loudly
But surely not that
Loudly, not crashingly
Loudly not roaring
He ran tripping over
Basketballs and socks
And stuffed elephants
To his window

A dark shaped writhed
In the Christmas lights.
The lights flickered and
Popped , sparked and
Then went dark as
Deep rumblings shook
The glass of his window.
Without putting on shoes
Or grabbing his coat
He flew down the stairs
Out the back door.

In the darkness
A giant head snapped
Around and rushed toward
Him came to a sudden
Stop tangled by Christmas
Lights. The dragon open
Its mouth and a guttural
Broken growl came out.
The boy could see the lights
Choking around the dragons neck.

“Don’t worry!” he yelled to the
Dragon. “I’ll get you out”
He didn’t even hear his dad shout
As he came running out.
The boy ran to the shed and grabbed
The hedge clippers and turned
Just in time to see his dad
With his gun.

In moments he was between
His dad and the dragon.
“No dad no!” he yelled,
He pleaded, waving his arms.
“Move out of the way” his dad
Ordered in a tone the little
Boy had never heard.
“No” the boy demanded
Standing still.

“We can save him
Dad. They just want
To be our friends. They
Never hurt us. We have
To help him!” He implored.
He and his dad locked eyes
As his mother came running

The little boy ran over
To the dragon’s neck
As he thrashed barely
Able to move pulling
Tiles off roof. The trees
Were starting to show
Their roots, and the dragons
Low rumble sounded horse
And gargled. Dad slowly
Lowered the gun and moved
Toward the boy.

“Give me the clippers” and
He took the clippers and moving
Toward the heaving neck of
The distressed dragon he began
To snip, so close so close to scales
And skin and then with a shake
His neck was free and he
Extended his neck and roared.

“Back up!” yelled the little boys
Mom. She ran forward and pulled
Him back, holding him tight. Dad continued
To clip the light strings around the wings the
Feet , the claws, and the tails. The dragon
Shook himself and spread his wings
Filling the yard with the beauty
Of paper thing sparkly dark
Green wings as he tried to
Fly but he was still anchored
By the lights strings around his

“Dad, cut him loose!” begged the
Boy. His mom clung to him as
He violently pulled trying
To get to the dragon.
Dad warily approached the
Dragon’s head as he
Thrashed around violently.
“It’s ok” said the boy, “It’s ok, he’s
Going to help.” He held out his
Hands, he said it again and again.
The dragon slowly fell still his low
Rumbling to almost a purr.

Dad slowly approached his
Head, “I want help you” he said
Quietly. He moved slowly and
Gently and began to clip the
Cords around his snout, around
The large teeth showing under
The lip. The dragons eyes rolled
And his flipped back. “Please” begged
The little boy, and the dragon put
His head down again. Slowly dad
Cut the last cord and back.

The dragon shook his head. He spread
His wings and stomped his feet. He scratched
The yard with his big claws. He extended
His neck high in the sky and opened his
Jaws as wide as they could and roared.
Then he put his head down to the family-
The little boy, the father, the mother
And breathed in and out deeply, his breath
Nearly blowing them over, giant eyes
Gleaming in the starlight. Then with
A swift move he went skyward, faster
And faster as snow started to fall. Soon
He disappeared into the darkness leaving
A glowing Christmas display dark
And dismantled, leaving a little boy
With the best Christmas ever.


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