Little baby dragon
Lost in the snowy sky
Bright sparkly blue
Nose to tail
Bright sparkly blue
She disappears into
The blizzard

Lost Lost
She roars
Her little baby roar
Into the blinding
Clouds of snow
Until in the distance
A blinding row of
Lights stripe the ground

Fighting the wind
Fighting the snow
Baby dragon heart
Beating mightily
She pushes forward
To the lights

Blinded by the lights after
So being blind in
The snow she
Crashes to the ground
Sinking into snow depths
Rolling, skidding, drifting
She comes to rest

She comes to rest
Against something
Hard, a rock she thinks
The world
Is a bright spinning
Snow globe

Shaking her head
She looks at not a rock
But an airplane
Long and skinny
What a funny Bird
She thinks as she looks at
Its wings with no feathers

The wings are warm
Like the rocks
Her father drowns
In his flames and then
She can curl around
Their red glowing heat

So cold and tired she
Curls around the warmth
Under the wings of the
Strange bird
While snow blows
Dreaming of her warm cave home

Her bright blue baby
Eyes close
Until she feels
A poke on her nose
Just a tickle
There it is again

Little blue dragon baby
raises her head to
to see one of the small
people that normally are
so far away
poking her nose with a little bristle

She likes the small people
But her father keeps her
Far far away only to watch
Never to play
She lays her head down
Lovely small person with his little bristle

In the distance she hears a roar
Raising her head she hits it on the wing
She knows that roar
She roars her little roar and
hears it answered
Father has found her

The snow swirls wildly
And there is a mighty roar
And the ground shakes
Out of the snow and mists
A great green dragon appears
Wings and claws raised

The little man with the bristle
Scampers away before
Little blue dragon has a chance to play
But father is here so everything is ok
She uncurls from the hot wing
And spreads her wings flying flying

She heads straight for her father
Bugling all the way
He runs his nose all over her
Checking every scale
All the way down to her tail
Making sure little blue baby dragon is a ok

Then with a huff and a roar
She knows to well
Little blue baby dragon
Climbs up his tail and onto
His back as he spreads his wings
And with a leap they head for home



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