Playing Dragons

When you were a child
did you play dragons?
When the wind blew
did you spread your
arms and like magic
they became your wings?

Were you a glittering blue,
or a raging red the color
of a ripe apple?
Maybe you were a golden
dragon moving through
the sky like a comet?

Did you and your
friends dance through
the wind, flapping your
wings wildly seeing
who could go the highest?
Then dipping and darting,
snarling and roaring
you run straight
at each other in game of
chicken, but as dragons.

The jolt and fall back to
earth as you run into the
other dragon sends you
flat on your back on the
green grass staring breathlessly
at the endless sky.

Dragons in the spring
as the clouds skate by
and the wind feels as if
it would pick you up and fly
you away into that cloud
filled sky, what could be
a better way to spend a day?


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