Midnight Flash

Midnight Flash Dragon by Tyler Welch
Midnight Flash Dragon by Tyler Welch


Midnight Flash

Lisa Cox

I went camping with
My mom and dad
And my stupid big sister
She wore her stupid
Head phones for the whole
Trip, but she didn’t punch
Me in the arm the whole
Time, so she wasn’t so
Mean I guess.

In school we had
To draw a picture of our
Vacation so I drew a picture
Of the dragon I saw.
I call him Midnight Flash.
We were sleeping and it
Was raining and there was
Lightning so I couldn’t sleep.
I had to go to the bathroom,
But I didn’t want to go outside
In the rain and lightning, but
I had to go
I went outside in the rain
And it was so wet
And I really had to go.
I found a really big tree
And started to go and I looked


There was

Right above

A giant


I couldn’t move
I couldn’t stop peeing
When the lightning flashed
I saw he was black with
Blue stripes.
He blinked his eyes;
Great big eyes;
Then he tipped his head
And I was sure he was going
To eat me, because he stretched
Out his neck so his nose touched
The top of my head
And he sniffed me and I
Could feel the hair on
My head being sucked
Up into his nose
So I closed my eyes
And suddenly it was
So windy I was pushed
Into the tree
I opened my eyes and
Looked up and the
Dragon was gone
And when the lightning
Flashed I turned around
And I saw him flying away
Through the lightning into
The dark clouds.
That’s why I named him
Midnight Flash.


6 thoughts on “Midnight Flash

      1. He must be great fun to talk with–I’ll bet his creative brain is spinning 24/7. I chose not to have children, but my niece and nephew were wonderful entertainment when they were little.

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