Alligators and Dragons Part 3 The End

Crockagator by Melissa Jarvis
Crockagator by Melissa Jarvis

When the Alligator Rings It’s Probably Not for You, or Is that Dragon Laughing at Me?

Fuchur by Sylvia Ritter
Fuchur by Sylvia Ritter


Part 1

Part 2

They’re coming!
HA – I studied this –
“How to be an Urban Explorer”
“What to do When the Worst Happens”
Chpt. 8
Distraction – YES
For predators,
There goes ham, like
Flying pigs!

Run you stupid
Green hand bags!
Ha there they go –
Mother of Pearl
It’s Coca Cabana
That Boot is ringing
He’s got my ringtone
My phone – you stupid – take that!
How do you like a flash light upside the head?
No no no no no oh coco cabana allicabana gatorama stayawaya. . . . . .
What now you’re running away, hey, where ya running to?

What’s that sound, that roaring coming from
That tunnel?
Is that wind?
Is that an engine?
I can’t take no more,
I just can’t take it
Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah it’s an alligator, it’ a Godzilla, it’s a puff the magic dragon!
He’s blue, He’s looking at me – they can’t see me if
I don’t move right? No that’s dinosaurs right?
Wait wasn’t that in a movie?
Was that movie accurate?
I can’t remember, and that
Alligator ate my phone!

The dragon he’s looking at me
Those eyes are so big, he’s so big
And blue, no turquoise, maybe baby blue
Wait he’s closer he’s, he’s smelling me
Ah he’s going to eat me, I smell like ham!
Those books didn’t include dragons!
I want my money
Back. . . . .

Wait what – is this dragon
Is he laughing? He sounds like he’s
Ouch – He knocked me over
Alligator – oh that’s just, that’s just gross.
Nice dragon, just slurp it up.
I’m going to be ill.
Really? Do you have to crunch those
Bones so loud? You’ve got a tail
Sticking out of your
Mouth – Now your laughing again.

Hey wait! Come back! How
How am I supposed to
Get out of here!
Wait – there’s a ladder.
No one is ever going to believe
This – alligators in the
Sewer, dragons in the sewer.
So get a hobby she says
To me, be an urban explorer.
I’ve decided to become a
Football fan – my official hobby!


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