Do Not Make this Dragon Angry!

Happy Dragon

I have a happy
Happy dragon friend
He loves to play
With penguins in the
Snow – sliding down
Splashing in the
Ice flows –
Look out below!
He loves the hot desert
Whipping his wings
Whirling the sand
Into tornadoes
He roars into sand
Storms as the sand
Scratches every itchy
Spot under all his scales


Angry Dragon

He is not a happy dragon

When goes for a swim
And he tangles in
Fishing nets left floating
For no reason
When he drinks from
Cool streams and
Chokes on plastic water
Bottles tossed without
Care- eeegh eeegh eeegh
Or when he stops to smell
The flowers and all
He smells is the cigarette
Butts scattered below
The blooms
Then he sneezes
Aaaachooooorooooooooogroooooooooooooooooofrooooooooooostooooz – is the closest to a dragon
Sneeze that can be written
And when he sneezes
He sneezes all the little
Petals off all the flowers
Do not make my dragon friend


2 thoughts on “Do Not Make this Dragon Angry!


    So still she lies, as if some shell abandoned, blear-eyed from sleep
    Shipwrecked, abandoned to some soggy dotage caked in mire
    Be not deceived, imagining vacuum where once was fire
    Thoughts and feelings spark yet, drift dreamily, aimless, ancient, deep

    Take heed, both wise and foolish souls; fair warning: t’is best to creep
    Past lightly, with harnessed breath; waken not the dragon’s ire
    No less than fearsome monster, prone to bouts of fey desire
    Exceeding duties as guardian, this dragon now feeds on sheep

    Protection for that heart of mine once long ago rudely spoiled
    That dragon, turned to basilisk, has festered and gone awry
    Too far too many empty nights left red-eyed the dragonfly
    Wound itself tighter and tighter till inextricably coiled

    A dusty heirloom, tucked away, out of sight, a feathered wing
    This fragile heart, free from defence, defiant, still dares to sing”

    cf. Lines 5-6. 🙂

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