A Christmas Dragon

Tender Buttons

The yard was
Awe inspiring
Blindingly marvelous
With Christmas
Hung from every
Limb, from every
Bush and shrub
Strung from roof
Top to tree top

“But dad” he protested
“What if a dragon
Flies to low? What
If they get their wings
All tangled in the
Lights?” His concern
Was palpable,
His eyes wide open
As he pointed to
The sky.

His dad knelt down
And said in a serious
“Dragons are like
Dinosaurs son. They
Won’t come around. They
Lived long ago. Don’t worry
About Santa either. The
Lights are there to guide
Him to the chimney. Now
Let’s get some hot cocoa
And get into bed. Christmas
Is coming and you don’t
Want to be
A sleepy head!”

They went inside,
But the boy looked
Back, and he looked
At the sky. He knew
His dad was wrong
About dragons he just
Knew it. He’d read…

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