I Am Dawn

Ceres rotates in this sped-up movie comprised of images taken by NASA's Dawn mission during its approach to the dwarf planet. The images were taken on Feb. 19, 2015, from a distance of nearly 29,000 miles (46,000 kilometers).   Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/UCLA/MPS/DLR/IDA
Ceres rotates in this sped-up movie comprised of images taken by NASA’s Dawn mission during its approach to the dwarf planet. The images were taken on Feb. 19, 2015, from a distance of nearly 29,000 miles (46,000 kilometers). Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/UCLA/MPS/DLR/IDA*


I am Dawn
Traversing endless
As the monarch
With slow
But steady flutters
I have found
My way
Slow and steady
In this field
Of starry flowers
Coming to rest
Round smallest gem
Listen while
I whisper back
All Ceres’ secrets
I am dawn
Small light
In endless night

Dawn's Arrival at Dwarf Planet
Dawn’s Arrival at Dwarf Planet*


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Waiting for Spring – A Dragon Poem

Illustration by Emma
Illustration by Emma
Illustration by Emma


They wait
As the snow falls
Waiting for the wind to shift
Waiting for the sound
Of birds
On the wing
Flowing north
Bringing warmth
They wait
Until the crocus
And cherry trees
Bud, but not . . . . .blossom
See in the cool
Warming winter full moon
See the shadow
Of their sweeping wings
Dragons come from
Far off mountain tops
Come from winter
Lodgings far from
Our snow stung eyes
Dipping among rain
Laden clouds they
Swim lazily
Pushing cold streams
Of seasons far
From our weary hearts

Lisa Cox

Staircase in Capri

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Staircase in Capri  John Singer Sargent 1878 Staircase in Capri John Singer Sargent 1878

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Staircase in Capri

Lisa Cox

There is magic
In painting a white
Stone staircase
White on white
With a shadow
On one side
Creating depth
Using only shades
Of white
Creating upward
Depth to tread
Sunlight falling
On white stairs
Shadow falling
On white stairs
Still white
Within the shadow
The stone’s texture
The heat of the sun
The coolness of the shadow
The out of breathness
At the top of the stairs
All done in white
Only stairs
A whole universe
From bottom to top

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Prayer of a Space Traveler

NGC 7814, also known as the “Little Sombrero.” Credit:  ESA/Hubble & NASA Acknowledgement: Josh Barrington
NGC 7814, also known as the “Little Sombrero.” Credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA
Acknowledgement: Josh Barrington


God of All Stars,

Drifting among all
Lost like a traveler
Without a map in
An immeasurable universe

Awe crashes
Over my soul
Like waves over
The grains of sands
On far shores that
Fade back through
Into the recesses
Of a my only consolation

My soul confronts
Itself in unknowable
Dark lengths filled
With starry heavens
While you, Lord of
This vast silence
Appear in the
Tiniest crack that
Might signal
The gasp
Of my beginning
And end

So I confess
That I dream of wind
Movement of air
Not streams of plasma
Or rotating rings of particles
Around glorious magenta hued orbs
In dreams my hair flows
In the wind
White clouds drift
In blue skies
And green grass is soft under foot

If I gasp my end
In this great darkness
May I be added to
All the light
To shine
Softly upon
Upturned faces
Into blue skies
While wind
Sweeps away
Stray hairs
And grass grows
Softly underfoot

A Christmas Dragon

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The yard was
Awe inspiring
Blindingly marvelous
With Christmas
Hung from every
Limb, from every
Bush and shrub
Strung from roof
Top to tree top

“But dad” he protested
“What if a dragon
Flies to low? What
If they get their wings
All tangled in the
Lights?” His concern
Was palpable,
His eyes wide open
As he pointed to
The sky.

His dad knelt down
And said in a serious
“Dragons are like
Dinosaurs son. They
Won’t come around. They
Lived long ago. Don’t worry
About Santa either. The
Lights are there to guide
Him to the chimney. Now
Let’s get some hot cocoa
And get into bed. Christmas
Is coming and you don’t
Want to be
A sleepy head!”

They went inside,
But the boy looked
Back, and he looked
At the sky. He knew
His dad was wrong
About dragons he just
Knew it. He’d read…

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Do Not Make this Dragon Angry!

Happy Dragon

I have a happy
Happy dragon friend
He loves to play
With penguins in the
Snow – sliding down
Splashing in the
Ice flows –
Look out below!
He loves the hot desert
Whipping his wings
Whirling the sand
Into tornadoes
He roars into sand
Storms as the sand
Scratches every itchy
Spot under all his scales


Angry Dragon

He is not a happy dragon

When goes for a swim
And he tangles in
Fishing nets left floating
For no reason
When he drinks from
Cool streams and
Chokes on plastic water
Bottles tossed without
Care- eeegh eeegh eeegh
Or when he stops to smell
The flowers and all
He smells is the cigarette
Butts scattered below
The blooms
Then he sneezes
Aaaachooooorooooooooogroooooooooooooooooofrooooooooooostooooz – is the closest to a dragon
Sneeze that can be written
And when he sneezes
He sneezes all the little
Petals off all the flowers
Do not make my dragon friend

Razar Brothers

Razar by Emma
Razar by Emma


Two Razar dragons
Twins born twined
Claws clenched
In a death grip
Locked in terrible
Conflict from
The moment they
Could stumble away
From their rocky nest
They fought and struggled
Determined always
To soar above the other
Mirror images
Mirror tempers
They never gave up
Their quest to best
Their other half
Their anger grew to a fever
Pitch one day black
Black clouds rolled in
One razar started to fly
He looked over his shoulder
And roared and his brother
Knew that he would never
Let his brother fly
Higher into those
Black black clouds
Than he could
So off he went after
His brother
Two bolts of lightening
Streaking into the clouds
Into the booming thunder
Fighting the driving rain
They fly straight up
Past a plane full
Of dazzled passengers
Past a flock of shrieking
Gulls heading to shore
They flew
The curve of the earth
Blue against
The black of space
Came into view
And one Razar
Could not
The other Razar
Stopped ready
To roar his
His brother was
Growing smaller
In the distance
He saw his brother
Falling away
And his heart
Fell away
So he turned
And plummeted
Making himself
Into an arrow
Trying to catch
His falling
As an arrow
As a falling
The ground was
Rushing toward
He was rushing toward
His brother
They were coming
Too swiftly
Swiftly he grabs
Blindly for his
Extending his wings
Heaving with all his might
Up up up
And then they are rushing up
Instead of down
The fallen Razar struggles in
His brother’s grasp
He breaks free
And shakes himself
They stop and hover
No struggle, no fierce tug of war
No anger
Just hovering
And then they fly off together